The 2022 Aarhus Workshop in Breast Surgery has three main themes.

The first is immediate breast reconstruction with autologous tissue. The keynote speaker on this will be Stephen McCulley, Nottingham Breast Institute. He will give a general overview of the methods and address specific topics such as risk of delay of oncological treatment, and immediate autologous reconstruction in relation to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and to radiotherapy. Other aspects of autologous reconstruction including quality of life will be covered by other speakers.

The second theme is how to treat the axilla in the future. The SENOMAC-study will be in the center of the discussion as well as the MARI procedure in handling the axilla after NACT.

The last theme is physical rehabilitation and physical training as an intervention in treatment of breast cancer late effects.

As usual, AWBS includes a nurse session which this year have sessions on:

1) Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) in the clinic;

2) Innovative patient consultations; and

3) Shared decision making and Patient Decision Aid in breast cancer and reconstruction.

Keynote speaker will be Kerry Sherman, Sidney, Australia.


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